The foundation to success is in preparation...


Prior to any successful function the plan needs to be constructed with times, details, locations and names. This would then need to be walked on site so that any difficulties can be identified and resolved before the big day. Speeches need to be planned and the names of the speakers recorded with their correct titles and pronunciations. Suppliers need to be contacted to ensure that they are confident in acheiving their part in the plan. Finally on the big day,  the Toastmaster needs to be “Low key but Effective” in keeping the day under control.

A Toastmaster will help turn your wedding day or your function into a very special event. Everyone will remember it as a classy and colourful occasion without hitches.

Weddings and Functions are expensive celebrations when you add up all the cost the of the event.

An experienced Toastmaster will probably be one more outgoing but without him/her the whole day could be spoiled. 


The list below is just a small example of why having a Toastmaster will ensure your day is a success:

  • The Toastmaster will remove all the stress and worries on the 'Big Day'.

  • The Toastmaster will ensure everybody involved in the organisation of the day performs to the best of their ability.

  • The Toastmaster will make certain that everything runs according to your wishes and requirements.

  • The Toastmaster will make sure that your event is conducted with authority and dignity but

       without being stuffy or overbearing.

  • The Toastmaster is there to offer advice and on all aspects of the occasion.

  • The Toastmaster will add that extra 'Touch of Class' to the occasion.

So what does a Toastmaster do?


He/she is the:-


  • Compère

  • Presenter

  • Management & Event Specialist

  • Special Occasion Co-coordinator

  • Announcer

  • Group Organisation Controller

  • Expert at Protocol, Procedure and Etiquette