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You know what your guests need, you know what needs to be done. We will agree that prior to the date, but it is your big day. You will be the star. And I will ensure that happens. My performance will be quiet confidence and efficiency, Loud clear announcements, correct titles for all and courtesy and dignity at all times. Maybe described as “Low Key, but Efficient.”

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A few questions

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Have you ever wondered what a Toastmaster (or Master of Ceremonies) would do at your wedding, or why you would even need to hire one for your special day?


Over the years I have been quizzed about Toast-mastering and my experiences, so I have taken the opportunity to list the most frequently posed questions. 


Maybe they will help you decide if you need a Toastmaster for your event.


Q – How long have you been involved in public speaking and more importantly as a Toastmaster?

A – I have been a professional speaker for 15 years and I am now into my 5th year as a Toastmaster.

Q – Are there any qualifications you had to achieve to become a professional speaker?

A – I am a Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters. This guild was established by Ivor Spencer, the Toastmaster who officiated at over 1000 royal event. His aim was to maintain the highest professional standards, and to achieve this he established the guild school and exam that all members have to pass.

Q – What types of events do you attend as a Toastmaster?

A – I attend many events, but the main ones include Weddings (most cultures), Civic Events, Corporate Events and Charity Events.

Q – If a couple are looking for a Toastmaster, what are the top 3 things they should consider when choosing their Toastmaster?

A – Firstly, I would have to say Qualifications, a good Toastmaster will have completed a guild course. Secondly, it would be Experience, knowing the correct way to do things, yet also knowing how to disguise problems and correct errors without anyone knowing it ever occurred. I compare it to being a human Swiss Army Knife i.e. handle any problem quickly, efficiently and without fuss. Finally, I would say Recommendations from previous clients.

Q – How far in advance of the wedding day do you normally get enquiries from potential clients?

A – It can be anything from 2 weeks to well in excess of a year. I have had clients contact me with just a few days to go.

Q – How key are testimonials/referrals to your business?

A – Testimonials and referrals are crucial, as I mentioned earlier, this is one of the three most important things a potential client should consider.

Q – Every wedding is different. How do you change your style to accommodate the many different couples you could be working with?  

A – I start with an interview with the hosts, the Bride and Bridegroom should establish the style of wedding they want. Be it a traditional English wedding, a cultural event, or one of the many new variants. I always tell them, it is their big day, I will make it happen.

Q – What are the qualities the couple should look for in their Toastmaster?

A – A good Toastmaster will have experience, good rapport, sound knowledge and a very good sense of humour.